Join us every Wednesday night at 7pm in May for the second half of our small group series. Register today to confirm your participation and choose your topic.


Discovering My Motivational Gift
You are a part of a body. That body, is your local church. You also have a very unique position within your local church. In order to serve in excellence within that position, you have been endowed with a God-given gift. Discovering My Motivational Gift is designed to empower us to identify and understand the gifts that we have within. We would like to encourage you to attend, as we build disciples to represent the Lord and serve as effective witnesses in the Kingdom of our God.


How to Love My Enemies
The word of the Lord challenges us to love our enemies and to respond to them with the energies of prayer. Enemies are not allowed to enter our lives to bring out the worst in us, but to bring out the best in us. Our enemies teach us the importance of using every occassion to practice a lifestyle of servanthood. Through this session, we will have the opportunity to embrace our God-created identity while living generously and graciously toward others – even our enemies.


How to Cultivate Patience
Patience is a virtue. It is a virtue that must be acquired and developed within the heart of the believer.  It is also one of the nine attributes or fruit of a productive Christian life.  For four weeks, we will gather ourselves together to examine patience from a biblical perspective. Our expectation at the conclusion of this session, is to walk through the challenges of our lives as sons and daughters who are mature, well-developed, and prepared for the Lord’s work.