Pastor Norris McGill

Dr. Norris Q. McGill is the Senior Pastor of Antioch Christian Church. On September 19, 1999, he and his wife, Dr. Tonya McGill, founded Antioch Christian Church.

Dr. McGill, a man of great vision, recognizes that knowledge is power and how critical it is to get an understanding of God’s Word in order to successfully navigate through life’s trials and tribulations. With that in mind, Dr. McGill has committed himself to teaching sound doctrine in a manner that is Christ-centered, scriptural, and easy to understand. Dr. McGill always strives to operate the ministry with integrity and a spirit of excellence.

In 2007, Dr. McGill received his Doctorate in Theological Studies from Vision International University.

As a man of God, Dr. McGill has a genuine love for God and His people. He has the exceptional ability to make members and guests feel welcome in his congregation. He has a true pastoral relationship with the members. He is always accessible to those he has been called to serve.

He is a father to many spiritual sons and daughters who have since been raised up to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Dr. McGill is the founder and visionary of Men of Integrity, the Antioch Christian Church Men’s Ministry. He has a specific calling to uplift strong men according to the Word of God. With this mission, he serves as host of “Man Up Conference,” an annual men’s worship experience designed to equip men of all ages to stand up and be all that God has called, equipped and empowered them to be in their homes, communities and local church ministries.

Dr. McGill and his wife, Tonya, are the proud parents of three beautiful children: Aierelle, Quintin “Jarel”, and Jonathan.