Give Your Tithes, Offerings and Seed Gifts Online!

Thank you for considering a financial gift to Antioch Christian Church. Your seed of giving is greatly appreciated and will be used to carry out the work of building the kingdom of God.

Your monetary contribution goes towards advancing the work of the Lord right here at our local church and throughout the community. We are committed to serving the patrons with the cities of Irving, Dallas, and the surrounding area. Rest assured that when you give unto the work of the Kingdom, your rewards within the Kingdom are great and multiplied in abundance.

Your security and confidence in sowing into this ministry is paramount. That is why we never store your credit card information anywhere on our website or our servers. All online transactions are processed via secured PayPal.

Give by Credit/Debit Card

You can give safely and securely by clicking on an option provided below. Once you have remitted your gift, please retain a copy of the giving receipt for your records.

tithes offering kindess


Give by Text (Mobile Giving)

Text your gift to phone number (972) 232-7968 with the appropriate keyword – Tithes, Offering, Ministry of Kindness.  (For example, to give $20.00: Tithes 20, Offering 20, MOK 20)